2010: Year of Social Unrest and Scary Map?

Global tinderbox

Dec 28th 2009
From Economist.com

2010 could be a year that sparks unrest

IF THE world appears to have escaped relatively unscathed by social unrest in 2009, despite suffering the worst recession since the 1930s, it might just prove the lull before the storm. Despite a tentative global recovery, for many people around the world economic and social conditions will continue to deteriorate in 2010. An estimated 60m people worldwide will lose their jobs. Poverty rates will continue to rise, with 200m people at risk of joining the ranks of those living on less than $2 a day. But poverty alone does not spark unrest—exaggerated income inequalities, poor governance, lack of social provision and ethnic tensions are all elements of the brew that foments unrest.

While I’m curious how the Economist calculated this map, it does make me shiver. With most media focusing on the improvements in the economy, I had thought the world was, slowly, on the up-and-up. Sure, the world economy is a slow moving machine but this map seems to imply WWIII is on its way…thoughts?


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