The Atlantic has an extremely comprehensive list pondering the top 10 America ideas of the decade.

Check out #5: The Obama Uncertainty Principle.

“In 2008 we asked ourselves what kind of leader would follow the Bush regime. Barack Obama came as an answer in the form of a question. Was his election the high-water moment of America’s relationship with race, or was it the triumph of a post-racial personality? Are we witnessing a liberal philosopher-kingship, the restoration of pragmatism to politics, or just a serving of reheated liberal promises? We still don’t know. Even liberals can’t decide if he’s their greatest champion since FDR or a big bleh.

But maybe uncertainty is the defining idea of the Obama presidency. After eight years when a brash “decider” reigned supreme, we’re learning to live with a president who openly deliberates, who uses speeches to explain the shades of his reasoning, and who truly, visibly doubts: the media, the political system, the world, and America’s role in it. The color of the Obama presidency isn’t actually black or white. It’s gray.”

Pretty excellent analysis, me thinks…except that few seem to be okay with uncertainty. The American public may claim to hate the iron clad fist of Bush and yet, one year into Obama’s presidency, he’s being called a do-nothing and, horror or horror, a Chicago politician for promising empty dreams.  Obama’s presidency and, perhaps, all presidency’s should be considered grey while they are in motion. Otherwise, the fight for debate and in it, the fight for justice sours significantly.
The additional top 9 American ideas can be viewed on the Atlantic website.


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