Score One for Journalism (and us) H & M Style

H & M had a bad week.  On Wednesday, the New York Times broke the story that they had been destroying their unsold merchandise and disposing of the goods on 35th street(near one of their larger stores).  Especially in this economy and especially during our recent cold snap, learning that a major brand would rather destroy their winter coats than donate them is particularly atrocious news.  For those worries about supply and demand, there’s even a charity here in New York that specializes in brand’s castoffs, making sure that no one will try to return the merchandise or profit from the donation in any way — except on their person.   So, H & M’s actions seem particularly grinch-y.It took 1 day of tweets, blog posts, Facebook messages, and good old fashioned traditional media coverage for H & M to condemn its own actions and promise to do better immediately.Analyzing the story as a former journalist who feels super protective of the industry, it was a pretty warm and fuzzy story.   Hopefully, the power of the paper have made others in more, ahem, positions of power also take note.  I don’t have any comprehensive facts of figures, but the link I(and 99 other people) created for twitter was viewed 4,664 times as of this posting.  Not a bad click-thru rate.


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