Twitter Goes Global: Half of Users Now Outside U.S.

Inline ImageTwitter’s overall growth may be leveling off, but a new report shows that international users are flocking to the popular microblogging tool. According to fresh data from Sysomos, only half of Twitter users now hail from the United States, down from 62 percent this past summer.

Twitter’s move to support Spanish, Italian, German, and several other languages have contributed to global uptake.  Countries such as Brazil, Germany, and Indonesia saw the most rapid growth.

Brazil, which continues to show a passion for adopting new technology, now accounts for an impressive 8.8 percent of all Twitter users; Brazilians accounted for a mere 2 percent of Twitter users as recently as June of 2009. Germany and Indonesia each now account for 2.5 percent of all users.

As for the other top Tweeting countries, fellow English-speaking lands including the United Kingdom (7.2 percent) and Canada (4.35 percent) round out the top international followings.

Expansion of Twitter into multiple languages and lands may make the platform viable for global campaigns, so long as brands don’t rely solely upon an English-language feed to carry its stories around the world.


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