Bravo Goes Mobile with Foursquare





“Top Chef” fans are now being rewarded for leaving the couch and checking out real world locations related to the popular show, courtesy of a new brand partnership between cable television network Bravo and the location-based social network, Foursquare.

Foursquare specializes in letting users tag their location and earn badges that correspond with “checking in” at various locations.  Users who check into a location most frequently earn the bragging rights of being that location’s “mayor.”  Adding a gaming twist, mayors often receive unique location-based perks that include special discounts, coupons and freebies.

Tapping into Foursquare’s platform, Bravo will be adding custom locations and offering unique prizes tied to Bravo show locations (where characters live, eat, shop, etc.).  Some of Bravo’s most popular shows, including Real Housewives, Millionaire Matchmaker, and Top Chef are all part of the new Foursquare/Bravo collaboration.   

Bravo execs hope to extend viewer engagement beyond the weekly broadcasts of their favorite shows, while incorporating a real-time sharing aspect.  Fans of each show will broadcast their location to friends while adding their own tips at each location they visit. Word of mouth will be driven by both fan love and the unique Bravo prizes.

Foursquare is still growing in popularity, but this novel partnership may prove its worth to marketers who seek new ways to leverage location-based tools for marketing. 

Read more from the New York Times.

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