75% of Facebook Moms Are Willing To Be your Product’s Fan – If Asked Nicely

New data suggests that moms are more open to engaging with brands on Facebook than previously thought, as long as the brand is transparent and respectful.

Slightly more than 10% of moms say that they use Facebook to check out companies or products.  Additionally, 16% of mom Facebook users follow more than 10 companies’ fan pages. Three-quarters are fan of at least one brand. Parenting-specific pages were listed as mom-favorites in addition to restaurant, grocery and entertainment pages

However, while Mom may appreciate learning more about her products, she’s not a fan of obnoxious advertising. Some 37% of moms disliked or strongly disliked Facebook ads, citing the ads as either boring, misleading or offensive. Less than 5% of moms reported liking Facebook ads.

Mom survey respondents emphasized their desire for companies to be honest and direct with their promotions and their lack of patience for companies who don’t respect their time.  Special offers exclusive to Facebook and coupons were particularly well received.

The study proves what many marketers already knew — Facebook is a viable platform to reach moms and has terrific potential, but careful and creative strategy is imperative to brand success. If a brand can quickly add value to mom’s day, she’ll become a fan in no time. After all, mom’s a savvy shopper.

Posted via email from The Green Detail Path


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