Google Launches First Historic Twitter Search Tool

Google announced this morning that it is introducing a Twitter search tool that will, eventually, be able to track all tweets sent since Twitter’s inception in 2006. 

Starting today, Google users will be able to journey back across the Twitter-sphere through February 11, 2010 and, essentially, “replay” what users were saying.  It will soon be possible to travel as far back as the date of very first tweet sent on March 21, 2006.

Without Google’s assistance, it had only been possible to search Twitter data within the past seven days, making it difficult to see the full trajectory of news after the fact. Google’s announcement ensures that the full news cycle can be captured and analyzed long after the fact.

Consumers and marketers alike will benefit from being able see how past stories, how the Twitter community reacted, and how long it took each story to reach tipping point.  Logging Twitter mentions will also be easier without having to meet Twitter’s previous seven-day data deadline.

We’re pretty excited about the new Google Twitter search tool and consider it a welcome and much needed addition to real-time search tools. Free to test drive it yourself and let us know your thoughts!

Posted via email from Speaking of Social Media


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