Happy FourSquare Day!

Today is the first ever social media holiday – otherwise known as Foursquare Day! Why today? Because today’s Gregorian calendar date is 4/16. Or, 4/4²!

Foursquare, as many of you likely know, is a geo-locator social media platform where users can ‘check-in’ to locations and send that location to friends.  People can also get badges that testify to how often they visit places and how adventurous they are.  If you haven’t joined yet, perhaps consider joining today so you can participate in a few of the festivities!

Foursquare will hosting a party in NYC later this evening and McDonald’s will also be celebrating the day by offering special deals for FourSquare users(client).

GolinHarris offices(my firm) across the country will also be hosting their own FourSquare festivities later on this today.   Please feel free to check-out the check-ins happening in Chicago , New York, Dallas, Washington D.C., and Atlanta!

To read more about the makings of FourSquare Day, please read the FourSquare Blog.

Posted via email from Speaking of Social Media


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