GolinHarris Helps charity: water Bring Water To 90,000+ People

Clean water for 1 person for 20 years costs just $20.  And yet, 1 out of 8 people in the world lack access.

It’s a harrowing statistic – one that charity: water, a non-profit organization devoted to bringing clean drinking water to people in developing nations, hopes to change.

Through GolinHarris’ relationship with the Word of Mouth Marketing Association, we were recently paired with charity: water to provide pro bono social media support to their annual September donation Campaign.  In doing so, we’ve learned quite a bit about both charity: water’s important cause and their impressive digital work.

Since charity: water’s inception four years ago, the NGO has brought clean water to more than 1.27 million people in 17 countries. Thanks to their efforts, women and children who had to walk hours per day to get water are able to use wells to stay healthy, be safe, attend school, work their land and feed themselves.

A large part of their success has to do with their powerful, digital story telling.  Every well built is marked on Google Maps. They provide arresting video and photography showcasing the people they help, and all donors know that 100% of their donations fund campaigns; charity: water asks corporate donors to help fund administrative costs.

For their September Campaign, charity: water is looking to raise $1.7 million to bring clean water to 16,000 of the poorest people in the world, the Bayaka Pygmies of the Central African Republic (C.A.R), in addition to 74,000 additional C.A.R. residents.

For an organization celebrating its 4th birthday this September, charity: water is certainly wise in the ways of social medial; the NGO is drumming up interest on their Twitter (1.3 million followers) and Facebook (57,000 fans) pages. Their “September” Facebook tab is both arresting and viral.

Meanwhile, GolinHarris is working with various online partners such as MetaCafe, SheSpeaks, and CafeMom amongst others to help gain additional campaign exposure in addition to pitching both traditional and online outlets.

A lot of people are doing a lot of good –but we still need your help!

The campaign’s success will depend on the number of people involved, and anyone and everyone can get involved by:

1)            Starting your own campaign and donating at mycharitywater.org.

2)            Visiting www.charitywater.org/September, watching the video (charity: water video), telling your friends.

3)            Liking charity: water on Facebook.

For more information about GolinHarris’ work for charity: water, please read the recent article in PRWeek.


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