Mobile Strategies: What’s Working Now

I was fortunate to attend the BDI Mobile Social Conference last week in New York, which highlighted a few key mobile case studies and insights with regards to how best utilize mobile for marketing/PR campaigns, loyalty programs, programs and beyond.  I’ve highlighted a few key takeaways below:

Utility, Utility, Utility

Sexy is good. Utility is better.  As one speaker pointed out, the new Chase mobile check-scanner that deposits checks automatically to users’ bank accounts may not appear sexy, but the app provides a service unavailable through any other means.  For users needing to deposit money in a hurry (or in the rural US), it’s a terrific value add.

Simplicity/Ease of Use is Golden

While many marketers may be content spending time playing with apps, the typical consumer is looking for an app to make their life easier from their first trial. They see apps as a way for them to save time – so the easier the app is to understand, the higher the rate of conversion.

Promote Offline to Drive Users Online

A local business spoke about how they work with Yelp to ensure their customers are having a 5-star experience.  How do they make sure users actually ‘check-in’?  One of their first questions out of the gate to customers is asking them if found the store through Yelp. Not only is it an ice breaker, but it reminds the customer to go online, perhaps through the Yelp mobile app, to rate their experience.

We‘re Searching Differently

Which do Yelpers use more for search — Yelp Website or the Yelp Mobile App? Interestingly, it depends on the day of the week. A Yelp sales rep spoke about how most Yelp hits from Mon-Wed are on the Yelp website, while Thurs-Sun hits are predominantly through users’ mobile apps.  While it’s been assumed that consumers are turning to their smartphones more and more to do basic computer searches, especially when they’re on the go, this case study proves it. Marketers should take note – and design their app with this takeaway baked in.

Consumers Will Respond– If You Get Creative

Tasti D-Lite has gone above and beyond to reward brand loyalists with Instead of just rewarding product purchases, Tasti D-lite thanks all consumers chatting about Tasti-D-Lite online, be it on Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare.  Users get rewarded when they push out one of the brand’s multiple (think 10+) sample tweets – but they get even more credit when they write their own messages.  How successful has the brand been?  1 out of 5 users are automatically posting to Twitter, on behalf of Tasti-D-Lite. Additionally, 63% of users are connecting on 1 social network, nearly 25% are connected on two networks and nearly 12% are connecting on all three.

An App is Not a Strategy

Mobile opens innumerable doors in terms of connecting with consumers – but it’s not a strategy.  Smart marketers will always be thinking big picture, consulting a toolbox of multiple options and tactics for what’s right for their brand. Maybe mobile is right for you, but it all depends on who your target audience is and what their demographic research indicates in terms of their mobile use.





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