What Mom(my) Bloggers Want

The New York chapter of the Public Relations Society of America recently hosted an event aimed to glean insights directly from Mom Bloggers – a group that any marketer knows wields great influence.  Through our attendance, we were able to note which current partnership/pitching strategies work – and which need some serious tweaking.

·         The term “mommy” blogger can be a limiting.  Many mom bloggers cover topics beyond parenting and don’t want to be grouped into one category. The word “mommy” also implies a lack of seriousness, which the speakers lead to being taken less seriously. 

·         Take the time to read their blog and learn what they cover. Perhaps seems like a simple add-on, but nothing beats knowledge.

·         Develop relationships. Chat with moms on Twitter and elsewhere so a business relationship develops naturally.

·         Offer “first reviews” of products to bloggers, similarly how we offer exclusives to top media.  Bloggers, as part of media, don’t want to cover stories already getting traction elsewhere.

·         Understand a blog’s true reach.  It’s not solely a numbers game, but also about a blog’s overall influence.

·         Consider events and partnerships that think outside the box and can offer the blogger an incentive for working with a brand. For instance, is the blogger hosting a Halloween invent for blog followers that the brand can offer to sponsor?

·         The line between paid media and earned media is blurring, as bloggers don’t get paid by a parent source for their work.  Think of proper (FDC and otherwise) to compensate bloggers for their work and time that’s not pay-for-play.


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