Who’s Playing Mobile Games?

This time last year, we learned that the average social gamer was a 43-year old woman. Considering that the average traditional gamer is 34 and male, the insight was particularly notable and led the way for marketers looking to engage with women via social games.

Now that we’re firmly entrenched in 2011, a new gaming stat is sure to delight brands looking to skew younger: the average mobile gamer is 28 and female, according to mobile analytics firm Flurry.

Put differently, while mom is busy playing Farmville on Facebook, her niece is maxing out her mobile data plan on Angry Birds.

The younger age for mobile isn’t too surprising, considering that the heaviest mobile users reside in younger demographics. However knowing that female gamers(53%) outnumber men(47%) further supports the growing trend first shared in 2010 – that of women are amongst the fastest growing segments using mobile web.   In 2010, Opera reported a 575 per cent increase in the number of women browsing the internet on their mobiles, compared with a 223 per cent growth measured amongst men.

Flurry’s recent report also showed that the mobile gaming audience is incredibly large – and growing. If the traditional console audience is estimated at 180 million (not too shabby), mobile gaming is estimated at 200 million. To put those numbers into perspective, the average primetime audience is 20 million.

The report also estimated that 250 million unique mobile devices are currently in use, with over 750,000 new devices coming online daily.

Judging from the above, it’s clear that there a significant mobile gamer audience exists and hungry for content. The challenge for brands will be breaking through the already crowded space to reach them.

Depending on your budget, consider whether it’s worth creating an entirely new app (which you will then need to have budget to promote). Alternatively, you could reap the same awareness by integrating your products within an already popular app via an ad buy or mobile promotion.




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