Why Moms Download SmartPhone Apps

Moms’ love affair with smartphones is longstanding– but the depth of that love affair (and who that love affair’s really about) may surprise you. The majority of mothers have downloaded over 16 apps to their respective smartphones. Meanwhile, 74% let their children play regularly on their phones.

Mom Central’s recent Momnibus survey digs deeper into maternal smartphone usage, particularly, moms’ relationships with apps and how involved their children are in their purchase.

Beyond the 51% who have downloaded 16+ apps, 14% of moms have downloaded 11-15 apps while 19% have downloaded 6-10 apps.  Only 1 in 10 (13%) have downloaded 1-5 apps.

Where do moms find out about apps? Mainly, online. While 22% rely on word of mouth, even more rely on review blogs (33%) and their favorite app stores (29%). This makes landing placements on popular app blogs even more important.

Mom Central also looked into which app categories were downloaded most frequently, finding that social networking (82%), games (80%), and entertainment (78%) were quite popular.  Equally important in addition to app theme was app price – more than half of moms surveyed spend $.99 or less per app.

While the above stats all sound very promising – marketers should keep in mind that their apps need to grab moms soon after download. Whereas nearly 50% report using their favorite app at least once per day – 20% reported deleting apps after only one use.

As smartphone usage continues to increase in the U.S., reaching mom on her mobile will continue to become more important. To read the full Momnibus report, please visit Mom Central.


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