Mobile Facebook Trends to Watch in 2011

2011 is officially the Year of the Rabbit – but Facebook has unofficially declared it the year of mobile. It’s good news for marketers, especially as more consumers acquire smartphones, which surely Facebook has read up on as well.

However, while we’re still waiting on Facebook mobile insights, there are two exciting new ways brands can successfully user Facebook to promote their products, both online and in –store. Facebook to target mobile consumers.

Mobile Friendcasting Spreads a Wider Net

More and more brands are finding ways for mobile users to share purchase decisions with their Facebook friends. For instance, Constellation Wines recently gave consumers the ability to access a mobile site via a 2D barcode on products or via text message.  Users could then share their purchase decisions with Facebook friends. Consider larger brands implementing a similar feature and creating spur of the moment inventory deals.

Mobile friendcasting could also open a new advertising/word-of-mouth channel, as users can take their friends within them wherever they go. As long as brands make the process simple, mobile friendcasting has the potential to provide users a great service – which will lead to fast adaptation. Users are already posting images to their walls when shopping, sharing news and asking for advice. Mobile friendcasting will increase this already happening user action, greatly helping marketers spread the word in turn.

In-store Facebook Deals Brings Greater Foot Traffic

By now you’ve likely heard of the recently launched Facebook Deals within Facebook Places, which offers users the ability to buy into local group deals a la Groupon. However, unlike Groupon, Facebook deals have an incredible base network from which to draw new consumers; Groupon has to offer cash incentives for users to pass along their deal.

While Facebook Deals is still, essentially, in Beta (open to select cities), it has the potential to really take off. Imagine a typical mall on a Saturday afternoon – and pretend that Urban Outfitters announces a secret sale. Online sales already spread like wildfire, but in-store sales tend to be more difficult to publicize. Not anymore. Check-in and loyalty programs stand to be the icing on the cake.

For additional Facebook Mobile Trends, check out Mashable.


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