The Rising Mobile Shift – How To Take Advantage



The importance of campaigns with holistic strategies that includes mobile continues to increase – but how can marketers take advantage? Unilever recently hosted a Mobile Shift Summit, where insightful best practices and case studies were discussed.Two rising mobile platforms were shared that offer a range of consumer loyalty and content features. Shopkick asks users to scan their products before purchase and rewards them for their participation. Brands benefit from understanding their consumer better – and the consumer is rewarded for their data. How successful has Shopkick been? Over 1m products have been scanned thus far.

Meanwhile, Z**ve is all about easy content delivery. Consumers can text a SMS message to a star star code – and receive a range of content, including content that normally require QR codes, effectively making all phones “smart.” This could be an especially useful tool for global marketers, reaching consumers in developing markets.

Mobile couponing is also on the rise: Target launched their first in-store mobile coupons earlier this year and expects to reach an incredible 1M subscribers by year’s end.

Interestingly, mobile video has been slow in terms of adoption – likely because of slow mobile connections and spotty service. However, that said, mobile YouTube viewers are only moderately behind PC YouTube – so there’s definitely keen interest.

Amidst all the new platforms and advancements in mobile, a few old constants continue to hold true — particularly the importance of utility, entertaining, and functional content.  Newer tips include: making offline more clickable, creating a content map between platforms, and capitalizing on multi-screen engagement.

How have you been incorporating mobile into your campaigns? Any additional tips to share?