Nothing Said Online is Ever Private. Not Ever. Especially if it’s from WordPress in 2010.


Have you discovered WordPress’ new product? It lets you connect with friends from Google, Facebook and Twitter. It connects you with many blogs that haven’t seen the light of day (or their author’s time), since 2010.

Thing back to three years ago. Facebook was still debatable in terms of whether it would make it to 2013. Open Graph was non-existent. What average consumer would have thought that one day, their pseudo-diary would be readable by all their friends and family just by clicking the “connect” button. When I hit “connect,” I certainly didn’t expect to find secret blogs that friends wrote during moments of depression. I certainly didn’t expect to find out that a college friend had battled/is battling (??) serious depression. I wonder if it would be better for me to warn him of this new feature (AWKWARD!) or let it go. His was the most shocking read, but there were certainly many other entries showcasing private moments that weren’t meant to be seen by me, or any other ‘Facebook Friend’ or casual Gmail contact. Of course, I only saw the name of the author when I clicked-through, not the type of content.

The difference in 3 years is astounding. In terms of internet habits and technological abilities.. In terms of how 20 blogs that would be on page 999 of Google Search would be, suddenly, so easy to find. Even if that wasn’t my intent.

A girl I’ve known since grade school but haven’t talked to since high school, I discovered, has become a wonderful artist. But, I don’t think I can tell her that WordPress stalked her for me accidentally.


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