Friendship in the Information Age

Even though I work in social media, and thrive at my job because of all the information quickly accessible at my fingertips, there are things about this age of information that rub me the wrong way. Sometimes, until they blister.

The whole FOMO concept on social, for instance, where you’re like WHOA all these people are having fun without me even though either 1) I was invited and declined 2) wasn’t invited to begin with, but aren’t exactly sitting at home watching paint dry. According to my father, Mr. Tom Green, this has been in existence before Facebook, just made more evident: “FOMO is a real term? I’ve felt that my whole life but never had it defined before!”. My dad’s the best.

I move forward with my day not thinking too much about it, as I’m sure do you. Weeks go by so quickly, the only time I really have to linger on the subject is on the occasional snowy Sunday afternoon, when I come across a Buzzfeed article with wisdom from Amy Poehler. Wisdom, that  I know I wouldn’t see, EXCEPT for it being the age of information:

Amy Poehler's Sentiment on Goodbyes

Amy Poehler’s Sentiment on Goodbyes

Sigh. Such wise words. I will still mourn, on occasion, the friends who have migrated away, us both victims of  life events and little tremors of time that drew us  further apart until…there was that unescapable chasm. 

But, instead of feeling so sad, a more positive way of looking at the situation is to believe in there being chapters of our lives. I hope that by the time I’m done, I will have more pearl necklaces than the cast of Scandal.